Maja Systems at the 2018 ETCMOS

 Whistler, May 9, 2018 – Maja Systems, a world leading designer of connectivity and sensing CMOS millimeter-wave (mmWave) solutions will be at the Whistler 2018 ETCMOS from May 9 to May 11, 2018. 

Maja will present at the Next Generation Wireless Session : mmW CMOS products for terabit connectivity

Since the first demonstration of mmW wireless connectivity in 1895, there has been much interest and promise in the future of mmW gigabit wireless technology. It has been only recently, with the emergence of CMOS based technology and its capacity for low-cost monolithic single-chip integration that one can envision a new class of systems and applications for low delay and high throughput connectivity, which forms the foundation for the 5G revolution. In this presentation, we focus on recent breakthroughs at Maja Systems enabling Terabit wireless connectivity. These products are enabled with highly integrated CMOS radios combined with novel surface mount antenna.